Other Products/Services

Listed below are some other services/products we provide like custom signage, Reskinning old signage, COH Plat Notice Values, Parking Study, Alcohol Proximity Analysis, Land Use Analysis, etc. Contact us for any extra information on the products below.


  • Reskinning Signage - Contact us for a Quote

    • Great for old signs where its a cheap way to revamp your sign and promote a clear message again. It is a fast and easy process to replace construction or real-estate signs that are made to last.                                                                                

  • Floor and Wall Signs - Contact us for a Quote

    • Unique graphics that allow you to place your ideas on the floor like guides or markers to your art on the wall, formfitting to unique textures and shape of the wall.                                                                                                       

  • Custom Signs - Contact us for a quote

    • We can do full-color, large-format signs on a wide variety of substrates and mounting platforms.  We specialize in construction signage and provide installation services throughout the greater Houston-Area.          

  • City of Houston Notice Analysis - $175 per site

    • As of January 2017, the City of Houston's Planning Department charges a per-owner fee for their development notice packages.  Applicants are required to independently determine the number of noticed property owners around each site in accordance with the City's particular guidelines.  Let us help you determine that number...which will save you and your client time and money.  The $175 fee includes a notice spreadsheet and a GIS map in the event that City staff asks for verification. 


  • City of Houston Protest Map - $150 

    • In many instances, the City will require the applicant to provide a protest map to support the public hearing submittal.  The map illustrates noticed parcels within the original subdivision(s) within 200-feet.  The format is very specific and must be done according to the City's public hearing guidelines.                                                   

  • Harris County Registry File - $80 + $3 per lot or reserve

    • The County now requires a specifically formatted registry file that differs from the City of Houston's registry file format.  Note that GDS must receive the most up-to-date version of the plat CAD file.


  • Harris County GIS Shapefiles - $80 + $2 per lot/reserve

    • Along with the new registry drawing, the County also requires fully-annotated GIS shapefiles.  Let GDS's competent and efficient GIS professionals create and annotate these shapefiles for you.  Because the registry drawing serves as the basemap for the GIS shapefiles, the client must provide or pay for the HC Registry File. 

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