Public Hearing and Variance Packages

Notice Signs are required by the City of Houston when completing certain Platting and Variance requests. If signs are needed for a project, the city will notify you in their email stating the date of the public hearing in which your application is submitted for. For help on your initial application and creating the notice map, reach out to us and we can help you get started.

Package pricing

For the first sign at a location we charge $475 and $425 for every other sign at the same location. This is the price for installation and removal.

 -Price includes one (1) 4-foot tall by 8-foot wide coroplast notice sign meeting all City of Houston notice package    requirements, mounting hardware/sign posts, three update/deferment stickers (covering the next three meeting    dates), installation and removal. Also if variance, we can provide variance numbers if a variance/special exception if sign gets installed before application number is given.


We also print and make just the signs for $300 each which can be picked up at out physical location in the contact page or delivered for a small fee depending on the distance. These also come with update stickers and variance numbers if a variance/special exception.

Below is the City of Houstons Reference Guide on Public Hearing Notices:

Below is the City of Houstons Reference Guide on Varaince Special Exception Requests:

Below are the templates for use regarding the public hearing and variance signs along with details about the requirments for the signs:

Public Hearing Proof.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.2 KB]
Public Hearing with Variance Proof.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.5 KB]
Variance Proof.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.3 KB]

To submit a request for notice signs, Click on the link below and fill out the information!

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Why Choose Us?


We work fast, can get last minute jobs done with just a days notice, and work on weekends, so no day is a missed opportunity to help.



We have over 10 years of experience, so we know the best places to install the signs, where they are needed,  and anything else you would need to submit your application.


We provide services other companies don't, such as our unique update stickers for quick and easy sign changes and and reminders on when the meeting is done to keep you in the loop about the sign needing to come down or be updated.


We also service the greater Houston area notice signs, such as  Pearland and others. 


For Pearland Signs and other smaller signs we charge $350 for the first sign with installation per sign and $300 per sign after the first sign at the same location.


We also charge $200 for the sign without installation where we can deliver them for a fee or you can pick them up at our physical location.


You can call us at 832-919-6827 or email us at to start an order.

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